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Call for Application: Youth Art Initiatives community challenge 2018

by Quillkastle
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Welcome to the Youth Art Initiative’s community challenge, 2018!

Our team and partners are set to create a platform where 60 delegates like you across Nigerian Universities can collaborate for 3 days to proffer solutions to problems facing agriculture, health and education sector. Come on in!                                                                                                                        With loads of rewards and exciting opportunities to benefit from, this year’s community challenge will be a complete shift from what you might have experienced before. To participate, fill the application form here and stay tuned to our channels. You will be contacted. Good luck!
It is no news that the number of graduates produced yearly in Nigeria is on the increase. It has also been correctly observed that the rate of unemployment has exponentially jumped from 19% in 2016 to 25.2% in 2017. More alarming is the fact that experts have argued that many of these graduates are unemployable!
Hence, as a concerned youth-oriented organization, our goal is to work towards solving many of these problems.
Our engagement with youths over time has revealed that there are a good number of amazing youths out there with fantastic, efficient and sustainable solutions to some real-life problems. But, unfortunately, many of these guys lack support, platform, right team, and resources to actualize their ideas.
In light of this, we are creating a platform where ideas can be conceived, nurtured and executed within a time frame.
• Free access to hubs will be provided to the best 3 ideas so as to serve as accelerators for these great ideas into realization. As well as mentor-ship within a time frame.
• Free internet access to work with
• Souvenirs
• Network with great and awesome individuals and lots more!
 Kindly note that filling the form does not automatically guarantee you being a participant! A lot of streamlining is done till we finally get our worthy 60! Good luck with your application.
 Will there be foods and drinks?
Yes of course though not pizza and shawarma but we would serve you with delicious delicacies for the three days!
 Is there Accommodation?
Come on! you guys are big boys and girls you can easily put up with other students on campus here in LAUTECH. Not to worry if you have issues finding one we would help you get one.
 Who can attend?
Any enthusiastic individuals, software developers, those who love to code and any goal driven individual out there is welcomed!
 What should I bring along?
Everything you consider necessary for the challenge, most importantly your great ideas, a PC and of course your personal belongings!
 But I don’t know how to code can I still attend?
C’mon, sure you can once you’re an enthusiast with great ideas ready to explore, network and learn
 Do I need a team?
If you have an existing team already you are welcome, just make sure each person fills this form individually.
To participate, fill the form here, now!



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