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[Poetry] A Nonsense poem – Idris Adesina

by Adesina Idris Dolapo

Now as I sit here
With an O shaped mouth
Wishing to write something
Ending up writing nothing…
Tired I am
Of this common brain drain
Greeting us all in this abode…
I can’t write
I wish to work
None is here…
My dream job knocks
I open the door for it
I see it not…
Is it lurking?
Has it gone?
Is it coming back?
Was it just a flash in the pan?
I know not..
Here I wait patiently
For it
Writing nonsense
Which might make sense…
Does it make sense?
I know not…
Send to me a helper
Before all goes awry…
Here I cry
I need it
Before it boils over!!!

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