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Death Of Truth – Idris Adesina

by Adesina Idris Dolapo

My death is nigh
Amongst friends – low and high
None cares to save me
My death they wait to be…
Me they see – a block
Stories aplenty they tell – bull and cock
To rid people of money to them precious
For I will disallow it – raising a people – conscious…
In pain I live daily
In rot they exist gayly
My life, being thwarts theirs
For in my death – wealth for them there’s…
I have ran my race
To the last letter, word and phrase
I leave the world for them
In a big rot – for others together to hem…
Never in doubt as who I am
A living being – for ages a soothing balm
Since falsehood reigns today worldwide
I am truth – dead, buried under your hide….

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