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Can we avoid Negative Vibes?

by Syeda Faiza

Life is not persistent. Such moments come in someone’s life when he totally loses hope and start thinking negatively. Such moments leans your thoughts towards negativity and give you a personality disorder.

A negative thought mostly contributes to depression. 

Depression is physical illness, life events, personality disorder or maybe it is the side effect of any medicine.

Society contributes a lot in our thoughts. It plays a vital role by making you a depressed personality. A flow of sad thoughts through your mind is mostly through frustration. You can’t be sure depression is making you to think negatively.

According to Cognitive Behaviour Theory (CBT) in 1960, it is mentioned by Dr. Aaron T. Beck at the University of Pennsylvania,

“Our feelings follow what we are thinking, and dwelling upon negative thoughts, they can send us spiraling down into depression.”

To defy it with rationalism, it is important to understand the reason of depression.

Mostly negative vibes conceive through distortion of feeling and emotions.

David D.Burns in his “Feeling Good“, explains personality disorders. They are as following,

1. Dribbling

Someone lodge completely upon a dust speck they notice.

2. Polarized thinking

If you’re not perfect, you’re a failure. People are either sublime or offensive.

3. Over generalization

If something bad happens to them one time, they’ll keep thinking like that.

4. Conjecture

They sometimes jump to conclusion. Someone didn’t call them for a long time; it doesn’t mean the person hates them.

5. Castatrophizing

Disaster is inevitable. They’re obsessed with, “What if? What if? What if?”.

6. Apotheosis

People mostly personalize things. They believe everything that happens is because of them.

7. Fallacy of Fairness

They are the only one who knows what is fair, and they’re sure that they’re being treated unfairly.

8. Blaming

They blame others for their pain, or sometimes when their plan is not working, they blame themselves for everything.

9. Obligations

They have too many should in their lives. They feel that they should obey all the rules. It’s not possible most of the time. They should eliminate should from life with “If I could”.

10. Passiveness

Mostly people are too much obsessed by their emotions; they think that their emotions define the truth. I feel ugly, therefore I am ugly.

11. Deception

They think that they can change people to make them feel happy.

12. Global Labeling

An extreme form of generalization is when someone exaggerated and emotionally loaded labels for themselves and others. Once if they lost the game and then they considered them as “lifetime loser”.

13. Always being right

To err is human. No-one is perfect we all do mistakes. Sometimes people think that they are always right. They will do whatever it takes to win an argument.

Now the question is ” How can we accentualzing the positive thoughts and eliminates negativity? “or “How to control our brains and think positive?”

There is a difference between human being and a robot. Human’s brain has billion of nerve cells which continuously working but robot doesn’t have it. We can control our emotions or our thoughts but robot never. 

Basically, there are two types of mind

1. Thinking mind: Those generate thoughts.

2. Observing thoughts: It is what when we look at thinking mind.

According to Buddah,

“Body and mind is our tool to experience this world but we are the experiencer (observer) who observes through this mind and body”.

To avoid negative thinking, we must follow following two important points.

1. Forgiveness:

We need to forgive ourselves first and others as well, so that mind will become peaceful, and it increases the energy to flow in the body.

2. Gratitude:

Being thankful and grateful, mind gets relaxation and negative thoughts vanish.

In short, positive thoughts always give you energy.
If your bucket (brain) has holes, then water will (positive energy) leak from it. If you want to stop leakage then it can stay there.

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