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Things you (I) do to me (you) everyday – Ridwan Adeniran

by Ridwan Adeniran (BabaBaale)

You teach me the meaning of love
With lessons that strengthen our bond
And instill in me the calmness of dove
And in me comes peace that you’re fond (of)

Your mind is a garden with fertile soil
That grows my thoughts to fruition
And your heart is home after life’s toil
There, I find rest, free of friction. 

Your skin breathes in mine life
And I live to smell you like air
I enjoy playing with strands of your hair
And mocking the irregular cornrows I weave. 

Our love sprouts new branches in marvelous ways
And my renewed pledges come not in vain
For things you (I) do to me (you) everyday
Are beyond what poets’ words would explain.


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Hamsat Rashid May 17, 2019 - 2:40 pm

Great piece


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