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by Umar Osabo

By Umar Osabo



Dreams will always remain dreams if they are not supported by positive actions. Everyone wants to have the best education, good job, good house, nice car, beautiful wife and wonderful children. All of these things make this life a better place for us to live in. But how many are truly willing to pay the supreme prize for these things?  Let us then narrow this to education. As a student, what do I need to be successful?

It is a beautiful thing to be a student and to be participating in all the school activities. These include being regular in class, doing your assignments, obeying the class rules and regulation such as discipline being discipline, paying all tuition fees and levies as well as buying of all the required textbooks.

Before we proceed, I would like to ask:  are these things mentioned above all you need or there are more things you need to achieve your goals as a student? No. These are not all what you need to successes as a student at all levels. What other things do I need to be successful as a student?

You need the following as a student to grow and truly become that doctor, Engineer, Nurse, pilot, teacher and so on and so forth.

Look for Like Minds

These are your school mates or class mates that are aspiring to be successful.  By walking with these kinds of people, they will assist to achieve learn more. For instance, your goal is to speak and write good English, look for friends around you who can always make speak and write in English not your local language.

Form a Reading Group

As human beings, we have different gifts; so when you do your reading and home work with others that are dreaming to be great in life, they will assist you to know more and you too will do the same to them. There is an English saying that goes: Iron sharpens iron!

Look for a Mentor

A mentor is someone whom you look up to. He or she is that person whom wishes to be like him or her. He is that person that will be willing to guide you, correct your mistakes in a reasonable ways. This is the road to huge success.

Always carry out Personal Research

If I want to speak and write good English, I need to check every English word I come across from a good dictionary like Oxford or Cambridge English Dictionaries. And I must also lesson to good users of English such as good teachers of English, broadcasters, motivational speakers, religious’ preachers and learning to speak at all times. The more you listen to good users of English and you practice, the better you become.

I wish to keep it short and simple. Until I come your way again next time. This discussion will continue in part II of this episode, please.

NB. For any question or further clarification, you can inbox me privately, please. Thank you and God bless.


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