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The Captives – Umar Osabo

by Umar Osabo

                        Encased in the words of Most High,

                        And fittingly walking in Messenger’s Garments;

                        But retching in America’s puddle waters

                        Clattering in the sea of lust

                        Illumining in its creeds of:

                        ‘Guard our precious way of life!’

                        Clothing in the Light from Messenger’s pulpit,

                        However, swimming in America’s puddle waters

                        Food for food only – shit!

                        Oh, ‘American Captives!’

                        When would you return to the Pulpit of Light?

                        And be enthralled in the Light of the Pulpit once more!

                          (C) Umar Osabo


                          21st April, 2019 


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