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Brunei joins China to contribute needy families

by Syeda Faiza

Bandar Seri Begawan: China-Brunei connected a project of oil refinery and petrochemical plant which is handed out monetary and food contributions to accomplish their communal errands by providing endowment to orphans and the deprived communities.

Hengyi industries Sdn Bhd funded to 19 neglected and 35 orphans. The Chief Executive of Hengyi Industries, Chen Lian Cai said, “The contributions to the beneficiaries at the Maritime Port Authority deserve our maintenance and protection financially and economically.” 

Deputy Minister of Energy, Manpower and Industry Hajji Matsatejo Sokiaw joined the occasion as the guest of honor. He said, “Apart from serving the penurious we are also stanch to protect and preserve Brunei’s Flora and Fauna.”

Earlier this month, Chen publicized that they have guaranteed to bring out tree planting efforts across a total land area of 200 hectares in the near forthcoming as one of its ingenuities to keep Brunei’s environment. He added, “We link with Damai Holdings, a subsidiary under Brunei government’s Strategic Development Capital Fund. We owe 70 percent to 30 percent respectively.”

“3.4 billion US dollar refinery is projected to initiate procedures by the end of this year and is predictable to contribute 1.33 billion UD dollars to Brunei’s GDP in the first year.”


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