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Life always gives you a second chance, tomorrow by Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed

by Syeda Faiza

Life has an ending, and you are not really known when your life will end. So, life does not impress you all the times. If you lose this time, next is yours if you really cares. Never say, “No”. Life isn’t good always it depends on you how you make it. 

Maybe, it is not your turn today but tomorrow is another person’s turn i.e definitely you. You can wonders, you can explore the wonders of the world.

As an English proverb declaims, “Every human has its own day”. Life is just like a chameleon but it will give you second chance that is called tomorrow.

So, hold the next chance so tightly and never let it go. Even if you don’t get the desired results you will get an experience. Your show will be your reward.

This title is really telling us that it is never too late to retry the action. You should think when you wake up every morning” and say to yourself that that is my day, I am going to win whatever I want.”

Life is giving us second chance to resolve our problem and to become faster and successful what you have already done and etc.

Don’t waste your chance for others because nobody is going to stay with you permanently, learn to survive alone. Don’t give your weapons to others, so that, you can defend yourself. You born alone, you will die alone. 

You will be standing alone on the day of resurrection and you are responsible of your deeds. You do not have any reason to be someone who depends on others. Your life is like a glass so does not let it to fall down on the ground and scatter into small pieces.

You are here for a purpose so you must know why you are sent to mother earth? You should know the reason of your existence and continue to follow your journey until it ends.  

Life always offers you a second chance. Always stay positive so you don’t have any way to lose it. Just stick it out. Do not let your mistakes to make you victim in your life because it won’t stop you from your journey. Struggle is what makes you stronger.

A famous Somali proverb is, “A Muslim person cannot be bitten from the same hole”. If you have done the mistake again, it means that you are not serious enough and also being patient is really a useful weapon.”

A Chinese proverb says, “A thousand miles journey starts with the first step”. No matter how long it takes you but you will achieve it one day and hard work is required. 

Because Allah (Subhanahu Watala) in Surah Ankaboot chapter 29 V.69 said, 

“Those strive in us, we will surely guide them to our path, and verily, Allah is with the good doers”. 

If you slightly look at this verse may be you will understand what I am writing about. May Allah guide us to the straight path ( Amen).


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