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Here is what to do when you feel like giving up on your dreams – Theophilus Enemali

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Life is complex, and can be very frustrating. You might feel like calling it quit, sometimes, especially when the going gets tougher, and hope doesn’t seem at sight.
However, in this post, I will advise the opposite. I will help you with a bit of what you can do, instead, as honest as possible.

Dont listen to negative vibers

As a would-be champion, don’t ever allow people or circumstances to talk you out of your dreams. We have this set of folks everywhere: in the workplace, at home, among friends and heavily concentrated among rivals and sheer haters. Please, manage them.
Crying teenager and dreams
Of course, there are moments in life that you won’t understand. You feel empty and drown in self pity. At this stage, you might be tempted to give up on your dream or just exist on the sideline of life because of delays and disappointments. This is real life, and luxury is only a blessing to appreciate and be thankful for.

Life can be unpredictable

It is enough wisdom to know that every one in life experiences this hard time once in a while. However, when this happens, remember those big dreams of yours and keep working towards them with the power of hope.

The hope that when you keep working hard and doing the right thing, you will get to your desired destination someday. 

I once read about an experiment that was done using two rats. The researchers wanted to see how their attitudes affected their will to live.

The outcome

They put the first rat in a large tub of water with a high size that it couldn’t get out and put it in a totally dark room. The rat lasted for a little above three minutes and died.
Thereafter, they put the second rat in the same tub and put it in the same room but allowed a bright ray of light to shine into the room.

The difference

The second rat swam for 36 hours, over 700 times more than the first rat in the dark room. Why was that? The first rat had no power of hope and saw no reason to live.

That's what happens to us too, when we fail to develop the power of hope and see a bright future.

Once again, don’t lose your enthusiasm. Stay passionate even in the midst of things you don’t understand. When you develop this kind of resilience, it will only take a little time for you to realize your dreams.
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Tough times are only for a season, it is not for a life time. Be a prisoner of hope and see the brightness of the future. When you see the beauty of your dreams, it will spur you to stay on course.

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