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What your priest did not tell you about the opposite sex

by Quillkastle
Men and women, from time immemorial, have failed in some regards. And, as the Earth continues to spin on its axis, we are liable to keep failing.
In this post, I have pinpointed one of those areas both sexes are struggling with. They are not special as they are errors plainly due to psychology and environmental influence. Like any challenge, they can be surmounted when the right orientation is administered.

General concerns

Who is a woman? How should she be treated? Who is a man? How should he be perceived? These, amongst other issues, have been discussed. Is a man always strong? Should a woman be reduced to the background?
In order to strike a balance, we must acquaint ourselves with the proper orientation about life. This way, together, we can reform the world.


The first part of this post is directed to men while the adjoining aspect goes to address women. However, I believe that both sexes can take a leaf from both beats.

Beat 1: Listen up, guys.

A woman is a man in disguise. Like you, she has her inborn aspirations, values, standards, rules, dreams, fondness and unique motivation.
We (men and women) all have different battles to fight to help balance the world. When you reduce her to the background, you kill the MAN in her and deny the world of another fighter and driver.
Please, rethink how you perceive her, and accord her due respect -it won’t always be about you.

Beat 2: Hey, women

A man is also a shadow of a woman. Like you, he has his fears, emotions, sensitivity, frailties and systematic weaknesses.
Forget what the society told you. While you should consider him as a strong pillar, be sure to overlook his shortcomings when they come -often time, shocking.
Please, he is not always strong. He can be weak and humbled by events too.
Life is not always a straight road.


Everyone (whether male or female) matters. How we relate with the opposite gender equally does. We must learn to relate well with people and avoid being a stereotype.

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